2 minute warning before halftime

Yes, its a stupid football reference in June and as it’s the 26th of June, we are just days away from completing the first half of 2012.And that matters because I (and many others) have been saying for a few months now that 2012 will surpass each of the last 5 years in terms of sales volume and activity.  I hope I am correct!  Not as a sense of pride but as a participant in the real estate industry, helping sellers sell and buyers buy.  April was a fantastic month – best single month in almost 5 years, while May dropped back a bit, but was still strong.

Funny that some of the data  services are printing how April was so much better than March and the headlines say that home prices are going up in 18 of 20 markets measured.  Guess what?  None of those 20 measurements were taken in NM.  Oh well.  What will the headlines read in July when the May data is being compiled and analyzed?

The weakness with sensational headlines about home prices going up (for one month it says in fine print) is that the longer term view is ignored. So how is one to really know what is going on when sales are up and then they are down?  I prefer the long perspective and remove the volatility of the monthly roller coaster.

If you mark your calendar for about July 10th, make a note to come back for another site visit and see what the numbers reveal for the first 6 months of 2012.  I still feel very good about the trend direction and YES, it is still going to be a long slow recovery.  Are you with me?  Call if you have some property you’d like to wheel and deal on.  You would look good in a seller’s hat OR a buyer’s hat… or both.

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