I’m writing on behalf of Alan Ball of Keller Williams Realty.

I have many years of experience with real estate agents as I was an investor for the past 15 years on California and Arizona. It’s a tough business that takes a person that can wear many hats.
You need personality, patience, intuition, cunning, perseverance, intelligence and a lot of confidence. And if you can find someone with those skills and intellect, you have a superior agent that you should stick with.

I found all that in Alan Ball. I felt comfortable and secure with him as my agent. He accomplished a tough task for me. My wife and I found a home we loved. and when we asked if we could get owner financing, he made it happen, even though the listing did not mention that. From the day we looked until we closed was around 2 weeks.

For someone who has been through dozens of negotiations, I was really impressed with his effectiveness. Many other agents would have written me off and moved on to another customer. I will use Alan Ball in all my Real Estate endeavors in Santa Fe until he retires. I’m already looking for new investments.

Don and Freida Russell


Alan Ball may well be the very best Realtor in Santa Fe. It took us several months to find our new home. Alan was always available, knowledgeable and cheerful. We very much enjoyed working with him. He was very understanding of our needs. We recommend him highly.
Ken and Joy Crandall


In April of 2012 my husband and I decided to move back to the states (specifically northern NM) from Panama. Shopping the multiple listings from Panama proved to be difficult as there were always unknowns. I emailed questions to a lot of realtors, but never got answers….until I got lucky and sent Alan Ball questions on a listing with Keller Williams. I actually got an answer and anytime I wrote, he answered.

When I finally arrived in NM, Alan was ready and willing to show houses. He was so much help and very patient. I hadn’t narrowed the chase down to one area so we were all over northern NM. Alan was always cheerful and ready to work and dig up info to my questions if he didn’t know the answers.

Luckily we found THE house in Pecos, NM and again, it wasn’t an easy buy but Alan kept fighting the battle for us and we even closed on the anticipated date in August. Thanks Alan. We’re fortunate we found you.

Patsy and Robert living happily in Pecos


We are very pleased to provide an unqualified endorsement of Alan Ball.

Alan has a unique ability on behalf of a buyer to listen and completely understand the preferences and limitations to permit him to offer properties that are completely in tune with the interests of his client. He is quick to discern the priorities that eliminate property from consideration to help narrow and achieve the final selection. There is a thoughtful and clear communication of the benefits and/or detriments of any specific property. At no time is there a concern for the ultimate commission but only a clear message that he is there to help the client achieve the objective. His extensive experience and local knowledge are a special aid to the process.

Alan has unlimited patience for the details of a transaction, and the expertise to work through complex issues affecting title and financing. His prior professional training and work experience are evident when dealing with the title company or working through extensive demands required by lender underwriting. This helps ease what is otherwise a frustrating and cumbersome demand.

Alan’s wealth of contacts in the Santa Fe community provide instant access to people and services to address any issue. Alan spares no effort in getting the right people to address any question and the comments from referred vendors are uniform in their praise of Alan and their desire to see his clients immediately and properly serviced.

Most importantly, Alan makes it a priority to be available to answer calls and e mails on a timely basis. There is never a moment when there is a lack of communication, usually by e mails and texts that keep a client currently informed on the status of the transaction or simply responding to inquiries. Being available and responsive is a hallmark of a true professional.

You may think you are in good hands with “Allstate” but you are better hands with Alan Ball !

Mel and Annabelle Goodman


I  contacted Alan about selling a residence for an an estate that I was acting as the Personal Representative.  He quickly responded and we discussed the unique limitations that restricted the sale of the estate’s residence.  Alan apprised our situation and delivered a detailed marketing plan reflecting his knowledge of the Santa Fe market.  As with most real estate sales numerous unexpected issues arose, however, Alan’s professionalism and negotiating skills guided the estate to the sale of the the residence.

I would recommend Alan and his skills to any buyer or seller.
Jeffery B. Bowen

It is true that Alan has extensive experience and knowledge of the Santa Fe real estate market, and a wonderful no-nonsense manner. However what was really outstanding for us was his ability to listen carefully and provide appropriate guidance without us feeling any pressure whatsoever. Starting with very little idea of what we really wanted, with his patient support and timely advice over the course of several months, we explored dozens of options including a broad range of properties before arriving at the right piece of land to suit our needs. It was truly a pleasure to work with someone who was both technically skilled and just plain fun to be around. We highly recommend Alan for anyone interested in the Santa Fe area.

Dave and Jean Cutrell