Being Thankful

I suppose being thankful is being humble and respectful; being glad one is alive and healthy. Being thankful for one’s parents and family and close friends is a good place to start. We can all do that as a minimum, right? Or can we? Do those that are the center of the universe ever feel thankful for anything? You know, the ones that seem to only think of themselves, can only talk about themselves…     maybe they are just thankful for a soapbox to stand on to shout out their name & hope they get some attention. Why do so many people seek attention? Do they think their looks or behavior will be inspiring to others? People behaving badly call out for attention.  They want to be noticed. So do those with purple and green streaks in their hair. I don’t think its just a question of maturity, either. They need something and they are not getting it in their current life so they are broadcasting their need. We can feed & support the habits of people like Lindsay Lohan by reading and talking about the stories of her bad behavior. Then she can get a prize for being so popular in the gossip rags. I still cannot believe the headline on page one of the Albuquerque Journal last weekend, with the Bristol Palin “Dancing…” TV show story, as if there was a story to tell. Was she advanced in the contest because of her mother’s media standing? Can she even dance? Who cares? And how could that possibly be the top of the fold headline and story on page one of a daily newspaper? What low have we stooped to? Celebrities doing their things does not constitute news. It proves that they just need some attention.

So many truly need our help and our love and our caring actions; possibly because they have fallen ill, or are unemployed or maybe they made some honest mistakes that they are paying dearly for now. They might need a warm coat, or shelter, or a hot meal, or a chance to earn a few bucks. Sometimes they just need consistent words of encouragement and some heartfelt hugs. You think? Every day we choose how to live, who to live with, what to value or discard, and choose how to live our lives. I am thankful because you do have the chance to choose today, and again tomorrow.


Being Thankful — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Alan for your years of contributions! It is very very much appreciated!!

  2. At the core for the need for attention is, perhaps, what you started this blog with: gratitude. But I think that deeper than keeping a “gratitude” journal (“I thankful for this or that”), is waking up to knowledge and an appreciation of one’s self as creator, as an infinitely powerful being (call it “made in God’s image” or “higher self” or whatever).

    We can’t control anyone else, but each of us owns our bodies and our minds and are responsible for what we put into our mouths (our health) and what we choose to focus on and give attention to. Nothing is happening “out there” – it’s all our own perceptions (mostly based on preconceptions). We create our own reality…so why not make it one we own and appreciate our power, our creativity, and enjoy and appreciate it?

    If a person cares about his/her own peace of mind, learning to observe one’s thoughts and re-cognize one’s own creations, it is possible to overcome victimhood and blame and become the “change in the world you want to see.” It begins with reclaiming our true selves and not pretending we are small and ineffectual. That’s a boring game we can’t really afford.

    The media is an advertising-driving business and will put up whatever it thinks will sell. As a former journalist (an almost extinct breed), I say, turn off the mass media and take a walk in the woods! Stop complaining and spinning wheels about crap. Do something for others and prove to your self you are an amazing being (which you are!).

    If we’d each just appreciate our selves, what a marvelous world we’d create!

  3. Thanks for the post, Aysha…I am afraid if I started trying to reply to you and address even some of the items you raised in your comment, I would not get any work done today – and someone somewhere wants me to take care of their real estate transaction today…
    As I still learn how this blog site works, I hope this sort of comment generates other comments from readers rather than it just being between the two of us. Much of what you said deserves a larger audience than just little old Alan…