Blessed with snow!

Thank you Mr. Weatherman for giving us so much snow! Our ski hills have the most snow in the Rockies, for a change, and it means we can provide our visitors with a quality vacation this season. While Santa Fe has always been a popular place to visit for the season, now we can boast of great early season skiing and fill those hotel rooms and restaurants with happy people.

The beauty of our area is enhanced when our residents and visitors alike can use the infrastructure of our ski industry to full effect. And the average days stay just might be extended for some who are here for fun. I recall a statistic from many years ago that stated that each extra day staying in our area means that each visitor spends an additional $250 per family unit. If this is even close to true these days, we will all benefit from the snow on the ski runs. Personally, I sadly buckled up my boots last year knowing that I had to be alert for rocks and tree stumps hiding beneath a thin layer of white stuff. This year is different and I am happy to see it. Hope you are able to enjoy it too.

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