Blowin’ in the wind

Looking for answers is a full time job these days.Let us admit: who knows what should be done by the USA in Syria or what shouldn’t be eaten for breakfast? Is it always protein in the morning and no military intervention unless we feel a real threat to our own country?

Lately I have read that global warming has slowed and there is plenty of speculation as to why. Some think its the calm before the storm and our grandkids will yet cuss us up one side and down the other for making such a mess of our planet. Others are trying to persuade that it was all a hoax to begin with. We did set an all time record for hottest temperature ever in Santa Fe this year.

Do you have any answers you would be willing to share with the rest of us? Have you had any success learning while your mouth was open? I certainly don’t know all the answers, but can only confirm what feels right to me or what smells good when I walk past a food purveyor.

The answer is probably right in front of us, clear as day, sharp as a tack and resonating like a bell. If only we could keep our eyes open and our mouths closed long enough to get to the truth of things, we might all benefit. My most humiliating experiences ever were connected to my pretending I knew something that I did not know. Does that bother anyone else besides me?

Did your residential real estate experience in Santa Fe leave you wanting more? Are you one of the home buyers that had to have that home that later turned out to be difficult to exchange? I am looking for people looking for answers. If you need answers, feel free to contact me and lets see if we can find any. Its not that we need more clues. We just need to face into the wind.

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