Thank you for your business

Glad to report that the number of wonderful people I have worked with directly (as buyers or sellers of real estate) has grown over the last year. Thankfully I have been blessed with some success and trust that each of you enjoyed at least some of the process working with me.

My real estate blog continues to be the one the newspaper columnists quote when they need a story on Santa Fe residential real estate. There is no official ranking but it seems to be the area’s top ranked real estate blog. And for some, that makes me some sort of expert. Who knew?

During the last year I upgraded the blog/site and changed the URL to the following:  which is where you are right now. Please visit (and save to Favorites) if you would like to check on what our market is doing these days.
(In brief, the market continues to improve slowly but steadily)
Also, you are able to “follow” by entering your email at the bottom left margin. You will get an email when I post new commentary or statistics by registering to follow.
Whether its healthcare or immigration or the privacy and security of our fellow citizens, you can count on me to have an opinion. But what I really know about is local real estate and for that you can count on me for honesty and good judgment mixed with decades of industry experience. And a little humor.
If you don’t personally have anything going in the real estate arena, please also consider referring your friends and associates to me for the professional assistance they would benefit from. I promise to send chocolate (or better) to anyone that sends me a customer!!! (and some of that unconditional love)  Thank you for your business.
Seasons Greetings!

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