Despite the gloom…

…there exist countless facts and feelings that set Santa Fe apart from the rest. We have no equal in the full equation of choices among cities in the Southwestern US, and yet we struggle to balance living and working here;  keeping it to ourselves and wanting to share it with the world. Recent articles about the dollar and its demise predicts a run on all things American, which includes real estate in the oldest capitol city in this continent. Will the hordes that have built up piles of cash (our dear dollar) opt to come here and spend? We shall see about that. Today and recently, this blog includes chart after chart showing flat line performance in our chosen subject of review; Santa Fe NM residential real estate. But that will change. No, I cannot predict when and any who say will be guessing. But the attraction of this area, with all its subtle offerings and unique glories, promises that someday, many will again choose us and choose here for their next move.

We don’t have to be Number One in any category to stand above the rest. We are not even the fastest growing city in New Mexico and that might be a good thing. Skiing is better in Aspen. Shopping is better in Dallas. Education might be better in several towns of our size. We may not have the highest ranking quality of life due to our more expensive housing and land. But still none can touch our lofty standing when all the columns are added up. What about art? Is that important to you? You have come to the right place. How about living history and the charm of the old world. We have that like no place else. Climate? I have never experienced a more moderate one, without the natural disasters that threaten other places that claim paradise on Earth. Outdoor activities and lifestyle? So what if we don’t have some fourteeners to climb or many lakes to sail? Who cares if we don’t have the allure of Canyonlands? Can you imagine living there with zero services, probably alone? We have enough to offer anyone and everyone. Look around at the natural beauty and the lively people and do your part to greet our visitors. It doesn’t take much to make them feel welcome and wanted. Remember the studies about how much money one extra day’s visit by a tourist puts into circulation here? Let it be two extra.

The near term future of Santa Fe real estate may be murky. It is easy to point out the problems, which I do all too often here.  But nominate a better place and state your argument. I’ll debate you any time. Stick around; this is going to get good!


Despite the gloom… — 1 Comment

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about Santa Fe! My husband and I are planning to move from California (San Francisco bay area) to Santa Fe within a year. People say that the bay area is the best place to live and granted the weather is spectacular. However, we find it crowded, horribly expensive and the pace of life here is frantic. We’ve visited Santa Fe many times and have friends in the area. There is something magical, spiritual even, that draws one in. Not to mention all of the wonderful other aspects of Santa Fe–the arts, the food (!), the architecture, the very air. So we are looking forward to becoming residents and I hope we find the welcome mat out. We are soon-to-be retirees who will have much to offer and bring resources with us–not only for purchasing real estate but in terms of skills, life experiences and ideas. We won’t be competing for jobs with people who are already living there, and best of all we will have the time to contribute to the community.

    Thanks for blogging and I hope you will continue because we find it valuable to have information from a source local to Santa Fe.


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