Do you have square feet?

That might be a trick question, but in the real estate world, square feet measurements are very important. One of the things that number tells you is how much space you would be living in, or maybe how much space you will be heating and cooling to maintain a perfect indoor climate.

I have seen it displayed as Sq.Ft. – sf – sqft – and the ubiquitous box with a slash thru it…  Homes listed for sale usually have a sqft number displayed in marketing materials, with a disclaimer that a buyer should make their an independent determination of total square footage and not rely on someone else’s information.

Commercial use buildings almost always have a square footage figure associated with space one might own or lease. That is extra important because many have CAM charges (Common Area…) that are calculated based on square footage. Land is sometimes displayed in square footage rather than acres. If you went to real estate license school, you know an acre includes 43,560 sqft. At least that’s the number I remember. So how many acres is 183,295 sqft?  (4.2 plus or minus)

Insurance companies usually want to know how many square feet they are going to insure. Title companies will not use square footage figures in legal descriptions of land parcels with or without a building in place. They will not insure title to a square footage figure. A land surveyor will typically use a software program to calculate square footage of a parcel being surveyed.

In Santa Fe, the average sales price per square foot for residential properties was approximately $195.00 per sqft. recently. That is down a little from the average about five years ago of about $218.00 per sqft. Either way, those are some nice feet you have there, honey!

Just imagine what your shoes would look like if you had square feet! If you want my professional assistance in locating the perfect square feet for you, CALL or TEXT me at 505-470-7153 or use an electronic touch program such as email (

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