Don’t look now, but…

Remember the sales pitch “Now Is The Time To Buy” that we heard often over the last several years? And remember how I dissed that a little because it is NOT true for all what might be true for some. Plus I just didn’t think Realtors should have such a jingo/lingo phrase that they would become known for. After all, we are licensed and insured professionals! Oops, I am reminded about how low the bar is set. Anyone can say, with gusto, Now Is The Time To Buy. And many did!

Well, guess what? They were correct! Then was the time to buy. Then meaning last year or two years ago or even as recently as the last several months. But NOW? Now might just be a little late to the dance. The bargains and deals of a century are all but gone.

If you hear that Now is the time to buy, you might be listening to a tape delayed recording of a radio ad from last year.

You can still find a few foreclosures available at Way below what it would cost to build new. But when you look closely, nobody with sense would build that same home again today anyway, so what good is it to say its below replacement cost if you would never want to replace it?

In other words, are those bargains something you would want to live in anyway? Maybe most all of the good product is gone. Or if not gone, then certainly going fast. If you think you still want to catch this economic cycle, call me immediately! (please wait for business hours)

So…don’t look now, but…

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