Gettin’ the lead out

Let’s not talk about remediation of lead-based paint today.  Instead let us acknowledge that we have had two very productive months of home sales in a row. And you know that 2 months does not define a trend or wild success, but it is still a very nice feeling, after nearly 60 months of yucky, pooey, icky, sicky sales figures.

On the right side of the main page, there are FIVE  reports to be found under headings 2A thru 2E…

… which are Absorption Rates in 4 price range increments plus a monthly Home Sales historical record going back to some prior decade which we can barely remember.

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Improvements are always more fun to report than down trending lines. But I am a bit rusty in my recent reports as to how to describe the current mood and figures relative to Santa Fe NM residential real estate. Bear with me, please.

This week and the next couple weeks are the town’s Grand Moment on every year’s calendar. Whether you enjoy the now world-renowned Indian Market or maybe the Home Builders newer entry into the sweepstakes, the Parade of Homes, it would be very difficult to not find anything to do these days.

And of course someone chose this week to resurface Cerrillos between the new Luna development (another traffic impediment) and St. Francis, so you can shop at Whole Foods and hear the checkout guy tell you business is down $20,000 a day while the road work progresses.

And how about the heat? More and more homes are now getting “central air” or a retrofit unit stuck into a wall about 7 feet above the floor. If you already have duct work in place from a forced air furnace, it might be simple and affordable to get refrigerated air in your home. But when it is June and 95 degrees and 9% humidity, there is nothing nicer than a big powerful swamp cooler to keep you sane and safe.

Viva la Fiesta to all and to all a great year!

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