Too good to wait

The news out of the Santa Fe residential real estate market is really good today and I just can’t wait until the 10th of September to mention this. As of 10:30 on Sep 2nd, the total monthly units sold in Santa Fe city and county during August 2016 has reached 219. This is fantastic, and still with likely a few more yet to be reported today or over the next few days.

Why does this matter? This will be the single best month in reported solds into our MLS system since at least as far back as July 2006. AND THAT IS 10 YEARS OF WAITING TO GET BACK TO THAT LEVEL!!

Oops, sorry. I did not mean to yell just then, but it sure is exciting!! Hope you agree.

Stay tuned and visit again around the 9th or 10th of September to see the entire month of August in perspective and plan on getting a boost of confidence and energy for the rest of this year.



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