Greetings to all – now let’s get started!

You have arrived at the newly refreshed blog hosted by Alan Ball (and WordPress) and available to you online anytime. Your writer has attached the current monthly spreadsheet known as Absorption Rate (click on the link to the right) and over the next few months, this blog and link will hopefully be filled out with archives of prior texts and charts along with newly designed methods for me to share some Santa Fe residential real estate information.
We have together survived the worst year of real estate sales history (2009) and are 3/4 of the way thru 2010, which has proven to be a slight improvement, but still has its own problems. When you are measuring about a 17% improvement over last year, you might feel pretty good. But what if the percentage change from two years ago is flat? That could be pictured as if we went into a pothole and came out the other side and are where we were two years ago. Is that an improvement? Well, yes, we did get ourselves out of that pothole, didn’t we?
I am very much an amateur at this and if you might wonder if you can actively communicate in this blog format, the answer is YES. Now I get to figure out how that works, make sure its enabled, find a way to display your comments, reply to some that ask for a reply, and so forth. This will be fun. If only the day were about 4 hours longer… Amidst the need I feel to make this blog as reader friendly as possible, I also have been diligently working to provide excellent service to clients and REALTORS in my place of employment. Please understand this is almost a hobby for me and I will not likely be seeing your comments immediately. But I will eventually.
Until such time as I know what I still need to know, you can always reach me at
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Greetings to all – now let’s get started! — 4 Comments

  1. So; I found it. SOM (state of the Market) not %&#.

    Will there be an E mail alert as to statistics up or as to your infinite knowledge of the future?
    Carry on WWAD

  2. Good to see you make the transition from email to blogging. Your insights and comments continue to offer fresh perspectives and new ways to look at our housing market. Your analogy to potholes does fit both our market and roads at the same time. Sometimes all the answers are not in the numbers and your comments always bring something new. Glad you jumped in!

  3. It will be good to have a “Santa Fe” housing reference website that will be up to date and useful. Thanks Alan for your time and effort. This information is always helpful! Wishing you much success…..Rick