What is your hot button?

I welcome others doing any analysis of statistics for residential real estate in Santa Fe County. Please publish and please document what you have found. I treat all information as helpful and important. Hoping all of you will do the same.

But someone was recently quoted as saying inventory had climbed higher than it was a year ago today and it was climbing faster than is normal for the usual spring run-up. We always have an increase in inventory in the spring and toward early summer. But it is not going up faster this year.

Inventory has steadily dropped over the last 4 years. It came down again as of the end of March 2016 compared to the end of March 2015, and to 2014 etc.

Here are the numbers: all as of March 31 of the stated year:  2013  =  1437  >>>>  2014  =  1465  >>>>  2015  =  1302  >>>>  2016  =  1183        The percent decrease from last to this year is about 9%.

Maybe I missed something. But I don’t know where the information is coming from that would lead someone to say that the inventory of homes for sale is climbing at an appreciable rate. Will it be higher in a month? Yes. Will it be higher than the end of April 2015? I don’t think so.

A bit of snow was observed on the north side of my home this morning. The last of the stuff this season…

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