Housing matters

Now and again I post a link to an article that seems more informative than most I see related to real estate. And the MacArthur Foundation has posted an article that puts the national mood into perspective on the housing market and the importance of people’s confidence in the recovery.

It is worth reading if you have about 6 minutes or half that if you are fast. But in summary, there is still plenty of concern about home ownership with as many as 20% of those surveyed believing the worst is yet to come. I personally don’t think that is true but I also recognize that we have lots of work yet to do before we get completely clear of the challenges we face in housing and home ownership.

A very recent post of mine said that the worst was over, that we are in the clear and the recovery was far enough along that I did not believe we could slide backwards again. Nationally, while Denver is red hot, other markets are still soft and overall its still a time of caution and concern.

Here is the link:



Hope you feel this is worth reading. There are lots of articles about real estate out there and I usually just post original material, but this one struck me as important.



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