I just want a slice

Pardon me, but I was here making copies and just want a slice of pumpkin pie to tide me over. It looks so good. Did you make it? No, I did not RSVP.  I thought I was going to be showing property, which changed, and I only wanted a slice of pie. I won’t stay long and will not spill a crumb. Promise. Next time I’ll bring a side dish.

Real estate sales are sometimes cut up into slices. Anyone who ever talked with either the buyer or seller wants a slice of the eventual pie. In the Realtor community, there are Standards of Practice attached to a Code of Ethics; continually updated and improved. Realtors are self-policing, which works for the most part.

Each state has its own real estate sales licensing process; an example of an outside agency or department with regulatory oversight of the real estate sales salesperson community. In general terms, a member of the public, probably involved in a transaction, has the right to file a complaint with the NM Real Estate Commission if they believe they were not treated properly by a licensed salesperson.

In addition, Realtors can file grievances against other Realtors should they believe someone was not acting professionally and observing the Code of Ethics they swore to uphold. This might occur when someone suspects another Realtor of soliciting the business of a property owner that had a written agreement with another professional salesperson.

The slice of pie thing is just a common bending of the rules often seen around the holidays. Someone will not feel adept at food preparation and will still want to attend the office potluck. And since they have been busy they have not had the time to pickup something that would be a good contribution to the potluck.

But they show up anyway thinking I’ll just grab a slice of pie. They don’t contribute anything, possibly with a sense of entitlement and lacking the trait of generosity, and they wouldn’t you know? They end up taking a full plate of food, a refill on the enchiladas, and then a huge piece of pie.

Once you get into the room, only a few people know that you joined in without bringing a dish. And they are probably going to look the other way, but will still remember. Once is OK. Repeat offenders become infamous.

A slice of pumpkin pie? No problem. Next time bring something. A slice of the sales commission? Tell me again how you are entitled to that? Your kids go to school with the sellers kids? And you talked about real estate with them at the last picnic?

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