In the land of manana…the chile crop is in

Asking a gal if she wanted to go to a movie, she said “Sorry, I can’t today.” as she was waiting for her bushel of roasted Socorro chile. “Manana maybe?”

Which reminded me of the true definition of manana I was taught years ago, when I mistakenly thought it meant ‘tomorrow’. It does not necessarily mean tomorrow, although that would be a good guess. It apparently means NOT TODAY.

Some examples of how it might be used in a sentence:

I am planning for my retirement manana. Or I am going to start hitting the gym manana. Or, and this one is my personal favorite, I am going to buy a house manana.  If you were to say ‘maybe manana’ that might be about as redundant as saying Rio Grande River. Manana already means maybe tomorrow. “Maybe manana’ kind of feels like maybe next month. When do you use the word? And in what context?

One last question… Why is manana not in my spellcheck dictionary? I use it all the time…

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