Just when you think its safe to go outside

…another killer app hits the airwaves and you figure it will boost your social media following; so you stay at your computer and get hooked into setting it up and then testing it on your family members and friends. About the time you master the software keystrokes that allow you to list a home for sale, you find out there are another 3 forms you need the seller to sign and they just flew to France for the Wine and Croissant festival.

Mine eyes have seen the gory bloodshot effect of hours in front of a screen. And what do I have to show for it except new wrinkles around my eyes and the start of carpal tunnel syndrome. Man was not meant to sit at a computer all day. When I think back to what I have been most successful at, it often includes one on one communication face to face. Person to person.

Love my Tweeters and my Facepaint friends, but I am feeling its time to get back out there and work the public venues for new contacts. When I used to hire and train newly licensed sales agents, I consistently recommended the grocery store line as a great place to meet potential customers. Better than the Laundromat, by far.

You need some groceries anyway, right? It’s a simple proposition; stop by any of the 11 grocery stores in town 3-6 times a week and get in the longest line. Then chat. Another fun method is to accidentally bump your cart into someone else’s cart, then apologize, of course, and chat them up. Asking someone where the soy sauce is can also open up a conversation. Then you just casually mention that you have some homes for sale and maybe they would be interested in looking? Or you could ask them if they are looking to buy or sell, or if they know anyone that is.

Signing off now… the weather is gorgeous and my body needs to ambulate instead of my fingers punching keys.

Grab me if you want to home shop. The buyers market is awaiting. There really are some fantastic deals out there.

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