In with the new…

A short announcement concerning this Blog and its author, Alan Ball…

The Keller Williams Realty office in Santa Fe recently made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Or I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. I am in the process of becoming the Qualifying Broker for the KW office in Santa Fe, where I have been licensed since 2011. Judy Camp is turning over the QB duties and role to me, as the state regulatory body processes the paperwork. One of the next few days it will be official while I have already been deeply involved in issues with our office and have been practicing my problem solving language and actions. Listening is always a good skill to have when it comes to helping people resolve their issues and problems.

Not all of the time a Qualifying Broker works is spent solving problems or dealing with disgruntled customers. Very valuable time is spent in training and assisting agents, new and experienced, with the process of listing and selling a property, the contracts and forms involved, the negotiations, plus the standards of practice and ethical code a Realtor member must agree to follow.

This will be very similar to the work I did while at French & French and later Sotheby’s as their Managing Broker. That was quite often enjoyable and I believe I was very successful when involved in broker issues that required good judgment and a calm demeanor. A good perspective is important to maintain, too.

It’s never all or nothing. I will continue to work with customers that want to list or buy with my help. My previous customers will not get away too easily and my family and friends will still get my occasional sales pitch. And I will get to spend more time at our office on Lincoln Ave. downtown. Having worked in the downtown area for about 24 of the last 32 years, I know where the free parking is and the healthy lunch. If you are in the real estate business, you are always welcome to contact me for information or for moral support. Ours is not an easy business but it can be rewarding. Getting lucky is a good thing and usually affected by how hard you are willing to work.

See you at the Pet Parade this weekend!

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