These numbers are great!

Several milestones were reached recently that inform us once again that our slow but steady climb out of the worst of the recession is over. The one I want to mention first, available in the Monthly Residential Sales chart from the list of reports on the left side of this blog, is the single month sales of units in June 2015 reached the level of 200 units closed. 200 sales in one month!. It has been almost NINE YEARS since we could say that. So good for you and good for all of us. We averaged more than 200 a month thru the entire years of 2004 -2006, so we are in familiar territory. But things have changed since we were last here.

200 sales units recorded in one month (most since August 2006)

Most sales of $1 million and up homes for a 12 month period (since 2008)

Most sales in all price ranges for a 12 month period (since 2006)

Enjoy the good news, share the reports with your customers and associates and keep up the great work.

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