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Do you take advantage of the 10 free monthly articles from the NY Times? I just read an OP/ED column by Paul Krugman entitled “The Great Abdication”  Gee, that is a big word. Well, don’t bother looking it up; just find the article online (it is free and worth looking for) and please don’t yell at me for not delivering it to your doorstep like the old newspaper.

Do the internet shuffle. You can find it and start reading it within 4 minutes (or less if you already get the Times).

Why should you read this column? It is a quick summary of where we are today related to one of the worst years in financial history, 1931, and how one Bank that was failing in Austria started a tremendous crash when it could have been corrected at the beginning.

Read how those in power in 1931 chose not to act. (that defines abdication)  Then read how eerily similar that was to what is going on today. Read how Spain is probably the tipping point for the survival of the Euro and how that might float across the Atlantic and hit our shores soon. Then take two aspirin and hope you’ll feel better in the morning.

Might this debacle in Europe affect real estate in New Mexico. You bet your bippy it will.

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