Ready, Set, Go

Nobody in real estate makes a living making predictions. They might speculate about some trends and then be right or wrong, but there is no paycheck for that. The reward of being right is not wealth or even comfort. To correctly predict the 2014 year in Santa Fe residential real estate, it seems best to use small changes for the better or worse. The fast appreciation many hope for is almost a promise of future loss. We are moving forward, but it is steady and in small increments, not a hurried pace. This blog has countless references to that gradual improvement. I am sticking to my story.

What happened the last 12 months is likely a pretty good indication of what will happen next month. It is highly unlikely that all of a sudden home sales will double and we will immediately shift into a seller’s market. Someday maybe we will be there again. But things just do not change that fast. The changes are rarely surprising and are primarily the momentum we have recently built.

I predict I will continue to publish this blog and also promise to post more often than in the past. A process of redesign is underway and I hope you like the new look when it comes out soon. And yes, names will be named if you want to work with the same talented person that is helping me.

So April 2014 should be a pretty good month. Why not? The past year has seen slow but steady improvement and now its spring! Rates are still quite good and buyers are starting their search process a bit earlier this year. This is no bandwagon, but still you don’t want to miss out.

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