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WordPress (my blog/website big brother) has informed me that during the last 3+ months, since I kicked off this new blog in October 2010, the site has had over 2,400 visitors. Way to go folks! Take a bow! With results like that, I’ll continue to do the backroom work so you can impress your friends with the stats. Suggestions are always welcome and constructive criticism is, too. In addition to copious “thanks” and “keep up the good work” comments, I have an occasional grumbler who thinks I have not clearly described the current & recent status of the Santa Fe residential real estate market. I wish I could do better, but this market is a learning process for all of us. Who knows what will be around the next turn?

Some are still homesick for the old emails I used to send, but almost all are coming around to the process of going to this site instead of reading long emails. Please do ‘save’ or ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ the main page for the eventual day when I stop emailing you to let you know about new posts. Click the header (with background photo) at the top, then “save” it so it’s added to your list of favorite sites. Thank you for reading. Now if I just could get everyone to send in a dollar!

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