There is no trend like your trend

Keeping up on all of the developments of our industry, as it struggles to regain consistency and balanced market conditions, can be difficult when every broker and industry pundit lectures you about what you should be doing to succeed. Any website or newsletter you might take time to read has some words of wisdom for how best to handle the difficulties of doing business these days. Everyone has a sure-fire strategy for how to double your sales, how to stay out of lawsuits, how to secure more personal time and also take cooking classes. It is the best of both, actually the best of all worlds, that they would have you enjoy by taking their advice. Not sure about you, but I am suspicious of anyone that knows what is best for other people, no matter the circumstances.

So who has the right answers? Who can you follow that will get you through the complicated process of listing and selling a home? How about yourself? What other person possibly knows as much about you as you already know?

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