Time to get on board!

Nice to report that we continue the progress toward a recovery, oh so slow as it may be, with the best month of sales since August 2007 and slightly more sales and slightly less inventory in each price range reported.

Take a look at any or all of the 5 spreadsheets shown on the right side of the home page for the latest statistical data on home sales and inventory in Santa Fe County, NM. Feel free to print and analyze and pontificate to your heart’s content. Share and share alike. I only ask mention of the source and you do not need my permission to share this information.

In fact, in you are a real estate professional, as many of you claim to be, your customers might be interested in this continued trend line. I have never presumed to tell you how to do your job, but the numbers tell me that there is a window of time right now for buyers to buy and for sellers to grab that buyer before the higher expectations come around again next summer.

Yes, we still have too many homes for sale to say that our market is balanced and “healthy”, but our healing process is clearly visible and our remedies are working. For assistance with your plans to buy or sell, contact me anytime at alanball2@gmail.com or at 505-470-7153.

You will be richly rewarded with experience, knowledge, humor and hard work!

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