We are about to find out

Tune in again by Friday for some year-end statistics and market results. The Santa Fe NM residential real estate market continues to stand up to close scrutiny and this year of ’13 should be a rock em sock em year for sales.

Call your lender tomorrow… get the kids to pick up their toys… someone is looking at the house tomorrow.


We are about to find out — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Mr. Ball. I am sure you are correct. 2013 will be remembered as the “come back year,” in real estate across the nation.

    I believe that you are correct again, when you say that the city of Santa Fe, is holding its own in the current market.

    What I think we are seeing is a natural paradigm shift, as the pendulum swings, if you will, back toward center and into regained balance, within the national industry.

    This swing back toward recovery, is a process, which even as it arcs energetically upward, will take at least as long to reach a balance point at true center in the nation, as it took to plummet into the depths of recession.