What did you do on your summer vacation?

Those days of standing up in the classroom and relating your summer experiences were so much fun for some and maybe less so for others. Sammy talked about his family trip to the Grand Canyon in the station wagon. Sally said they went to see the ocean and had a groovy time. And Pat took a different vacation entirely. Pat spent time on an archeological dig site helping the professors and students unearth old bones and clues to our past. Sadly, some went no further than an Isotopes game and a dip in the motel pool.

I didn’t take a summer vacation this year as I was entertaining and hosting some of those that traveled to Santa Fe. As a Realtor, you generally figure on working 8 days a week during the summer months because that’s when many prospective buyers are here and looking. So I’ll take my leave this fall and winter and again next spring.

And due to the number of visitors in our fair city, I found myself as busy working as I could hope for. There always is something to work on, of course; my websites, my marketing materials, my farm area, my educational requirements, my network and my golf swing.

But in the summer, few Realtors attend classes because they simply cannot plan ahead to set aside a half day to sit in a classroom when Mr Big might be breathing heavily over a home in the hills.

Buyers have their own schedule and its often wrapped around a vacation here. And then sometimes they are not buyers after all.

I guess my point is, I was a little too busy (or not organized enough) to keep up with my blog posts. Sure, you saw the monthly updates of statistics and could safely assume I was keeping a vigil over those numbers.

But the creative writing section, the columns of impressions and opinions and observations got hardly a sniff all summer. Yes, look for a renewed volume of text going forward. And tell me if you think I need a vacation, OK?

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