Wish you were here

What a time to be in Santa Fe! As of now we have over 70 inches of snow base on the ski mountain and the shops are full of gifts for those you love. We have many worthy charities that will accept your donation and we have hundreds of fine restaurants (and cafes) that will serve you a square meal for a small fee.

Visit the Plaza after dark and enjoy the lights and the festive atmosphere. Maybe join in with some caroling. Or travel to Chimayo and visit the Santuario decorated for the holiday season. At dusk the lights along the portals and eaves framed in front of the pale moon make a wonderful memory. If you are fortunate, maybe you will be invited to a staff holiday party with pizza at a large downtown hotel. But do behave yourselves as there is no such thing as privacy any more. If you are out and about, you are likely to be on tape or on film, doing what you thought was private between you and your friends.

You could show up on the base cam at the Santa Fe Ski Basin, the Plaza cam overlooking the historic town square (with a bandstand) or just ambling along the sidewalk in full view of a security camera under a roofline above you. Your family could be capturing your smile in front of a brightly lit tree with a date/time stamp and a GPS location affixed to the picture, forever placing you in that spot at that time. How quaint.

There are many apps that will allow you to post where you are at any time, if you are so inclined. It seems clear that different generations want different things. Us old folks may not want to share what we had for lunch on a social media platform, while some younger ones have apparently no boundaries and enjoy sending so much information out that there can be little doubt what they enjoy doing at any given time.

Enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget to track Santa’s travels Christmas eve as his reindeer drag him all over the world delivering presents and filling stockings. Is it too late to order online and have it delivered by Thursday noon?

If real estate is on your list, please know I am happy to talk with you about your wishes and your plans. Use a professional and get the most out of the experience.  Alan Ball  505-470-7153…

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