Yes, I voted also

One of the TV talking heads described the results from this mid-term election of Nov 2nd as a big bounce in another direction, different from the direction we all seemed to be headed two years ago today… So maybe we all now join our voices together and request/demand that we not be bounced around any more! You could say that was yesterday’s message and you could also expect that two years on, incumbents might still have to reinvent themselves instead of sleepwalking through another re-election campaign. I’m guessing few if any elected officials take their position for granted these days… which seems about right. How did we fall into seemingly lifetime contracts with these people? I felt fortunate voting early and then leaving on a trip and missing the last week of political ads on TV that lowered the value of the entire process. All had a hand in making us mad as hell, or at least ready for some new faces and new blood. There is no gentle way out of the space we are in. Similar to a homeowner/seller trying to sell, it will not be quick and it will not be easy. All hands on deck, yes, all hands!
I hope you also voted and I would not presume to tell you how you should vote. That is for you to decide. I happen to think it’s a good habit to have.


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