Are you voting?

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I am not going to ask who you voted for in the past, or will vote for in the future.

It doesn’t seem to matter any more. They are all acting like bums right now while we face the lose-lose-lose-lose propositions of the nation’s debt ceiling deadline looming. Negotiations and planning started way too late to overcome the greed and selfish characters serving us in Washington. They think it’s about them. Boy are they wrong!

Credible economists have laid out various scenarios for how the next several weeks might play out, and NONE of them are good. None of them are even palatable or neutral. NONE. “You lose some, you lose some” can be the new saying. Just like ‘stagnant is the new growth’, ‘losing is the new accomplishment’. What did you do today daddy? “I put the economy in the toilet, son.”

Republicans don’t win. Democrats don’t win. Tea Party types don’t win. Independents don’t win. No group will gain advantage from the BS going on in our nation’s capitol. And the largest losers of all are the 300 million Americans that will see their cost of living go up while their quality of life will go down, due to the the lowering of our country’s credit rating (and increases in the cost of borrowing). At this time, when our economy is so fragile, without any momentum of job growth and stability, any such change will put us into another depression. Don’t think so? Please tell me about your secret special super optimistic always looking at the bright side and the glass if half full information. You need to share that with the rest of us. Nothing wrong with feeling like things will all turn out for the better. How about some facts to back up that feeling? Please send ASAP.

The current situation in Washington is like a head-on train wreck, happening in slow motion. We see it unfolding, we hear the awful noise and we feel the impact and smell the destruction, but there is not one damned thing we can do about it. It is way too late. The time to prevent this train wreck would have been long ago when these two trains were many miles apart. Now they are nose-to-nose and we have to watch in horror. We cannot turn away. I should have spoken up sooner. You should have too. Nobody is to blame. We are all to blame. We have the right to vote.

See you on the other side, my friend.

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