Auld Lang Syne

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We know the tune and some of the words to this song. The title of the Scottish tune translates to “times gone by” and is about remembering friends from the past and not letting them be forgotten.

Who could forget 2013, from Edward Snowden sharing millions of confidential documents to Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea likely just to extend his moments of fame. Is World Peace closer to reality on the basis of those two men?

On the local scene, Santa Fe enjoyed a break from their short-term drought, but still sits in a huge deficit for measured precipitation over the last 12 years. If you are not showering with a friend, maybe you should.

This blogger wraps up his second year of his new career; listing and selling real property in the Santa Fe, NM market area. Primarily with a residential focus, I also have several commercial listings and will continue to look for more opportunities there. And per my plan, I was able to double my results from 2012 to 2013. Doubling again is the plan for 2014. What is that? 100% growth, or is it 200%? Damn statistics!!

The real estate industry continues to evolve and the emphasis on electronic methods of marketing and communication grows while print ads and direct mail keep diminishing. Yet I plan a post card mailing to a neighborhood where I was involved in two transactions in 2013. It’s good to tell people about success, if they want to listen.

In about two weeks, I will post the year-end statistics for Santa Fe residential real estate. It was a good year, with steady improvement and increases in almost all categories. Please return then and, as always, you are welcome to use the charts and stats in this blog with proper attribution.  Thank you.

May your upcoming year be full of joy and rewards.

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The writer is a 68 year-old young man engaged as an active REALTOR (associate broker) with Keller Williams, in real estate sales and management in the Santa Fe NM market area. My career has been in and around the real estate industry for more than 35 years, ranging from mortgage lending (interim, commercial, residential); residential property management and leasing; shopping center development and leasing; real estate sales; sales training; title insurance as an executive and an escrow officer; various management positions; consulting and other related activities. That plus a bunch of banking experience including our family-owned Bank of Santa Fe in the 1980s. Where has the time gone?
My background means you have my working knowledge of the entire transaction process at your disposal. That comes with honesty and no bullshit.