The Home Stretch

Hits: 47The year 2020 is just about over and for most, the end could not come soon enough. With the pandemic raging to new heights it is more important than ever to protect yourself and loved ones by staying home. Looking back, 2020 was not a complete loss as people took this opportunity to change […]

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Rest In Peace, Christo

2020 vs 2008

Hits: 202020 vs 2008 What is going on in the market? When are the foreclosure rates going to rise? These are but a few of the questions that we hear from our clients these days. Behind those and many other questions are real concerns that this may become like the financial crisis of 2008; sub-prime […]

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Stay at Home Santa Fe Style

Covid 19 & Santa Fe Housing Market Update

Hits: 54Normally about this time, we would be sharing the 1st quarter market statistics that were recently published by the Santa Fe Association of Realtors to provide an update on our local housing market. However, with the Governor’s mandated shut-down and the socio-economic crisis we find ourselves in, the million-dollar question we are asked is, […]

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A time of transition

Hits: 51Over the next month or so this blogsite will undergo some changes in authorship and management. Eventually the style and design will likely change also, but that will be up to the new administrators. A little review; many years ago I started a monthly newsletter with information about Santa Fe residential real estate. It […]

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Welcome to 2020

Hits: 55My first impression was to tag this year as the year we are all going to have perfect vision. Then I got to thinking maybe I should just hope that we keep our eyes open and woke to what is happening around us everyday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think we […]

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