It’s complicated…

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No, the real estate market is not complicated. It can run hot or it can run cold, sales can climb and/or sales can drop. It can be stagnant and it can be limping along with barely any change month to month. ¬†What is complicated is trying to fit the quality of a home into a price range or as justification as to why it has or has not sold…

So what are the current numbers? First Quarter sales and inventory will be posted no later than April 10th. For now please know we are growing quickly in inventory. Today at one moment we had 53 new listings and 14 sold (as reported in the last 24 hours). Month to date looks like 364 listed and 148 sold. If that is about 250 new listings in a month’s time, above and beyond what is sold, a 4 month run at that pace leads us to 1000 additional homes for sale by summer. Will it happen? Or will buyers get busy and take some of these homes off the market? With a general lack of quality homes for sale in almost all segments and areas, its difficult to know where these new listings will come from.

It is a tough season to feel great about Santa Fe with dust in the air and pollen invading our sinus passages. Maybe you are Ok with that? To each his own. Looking at the Jemez range just now, I can barely see the mountains and the horizon due to the particulates in the air. Don’t worry, it will settle down by morning.

So never start a post with the word NO unless you really cannot find a better word. And keep working toward your goals as they are the reason you are doing what you do.

The Easter tradition is a big deal in Santa Fe. My office – Keller Williams – is closed on Good Friday, primarily due to the large numbers of people who do the pilgrimage to Chimayo every year. That is one of many things that make our area unique. Learn more any chance you get and let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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