Cupid or stupid?

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The obvious answer to the question is Cupid. Nobody chooses stupid. Or do they? On this romantic holiday, the¬†restaurants will be full of couples staring into each other’s eyes. Some will be in lust while others might be doing what they think they must with no desire to be in the moment.

In relationships, sometimes people do choose stupid rather than Cupid. Woe to me for the times I have made mistakes! And so its true with real estate also. Ask the seller who has ignored his Realtors sound and carefully researched advice on setting an initial asking price. The home is not being shown very often and the feedback is usually bland or specifically says the home is overpriced.

That seller could have chosen Cupid (or the equivalent, which is an open mind to selling the home at what the market will bear). Maybe the seller cannot “afford” to sell the home at market value. Possibly they owe more than that on mortgages. Sounds like they are not ready to welcome Cupid (in the form of a ready, willing and able buyer) into their life.

Valentine’s Day is not normally a big real estate day and I don’t recall seeing references to the day in real estate terms. So pardon my taking liberties with the analogy above. Choose Cupid and live happily ever after! Choose stupid and end up firing your real estate agent and disrespecting the entire process. Or something like that…

By the way, new statistics are now available on the home page (click on the sunset picture header to return there) through the end of January 2014. Things continue to slowly improve, although January is kind of flat from same month one year ago. Inventory is at the low end of our historical range, which befits the season. Watch those numbers climb over the next 5 months.

The numbers we really want to see climb are the sales units and dollars. Improvements to those totals are always welcome.

If you have an urge to buy some chocolate or flowers, I would appreciate that, but give those to someone more special to you. Rather lets talk about your real estate needs and how I may be of assistance. From Abiquiu to Villanueva, from Cuba to Madrid, talk to an expert and be clear on what you want to accomplish. Then lets get busy and accomplish that goal.  Alan = 505-470-7153


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