You had me at Hiya Howdy!

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Greetings to all of you from distant parts of the universe, like Texas. You are visiting a blog (known to be available world-wide) that is local in flavor and focus. If you presently live in Santa Fe, you may find some familiar information about your town in these pages. If you are in the real estate industry you may recognize the data that is presented here as a glimpse of what is going on in Santa Fe NM residential real estate. If you are from Texas, I would like to see your hat and your checkbook please.

So a hearty Hiya Howdy to you too! Just over from the Metroplex for a long weekend of shopping and dining? Sundays are great days to absorb some of the culture of the area. There are museums that often have free admission on Sundays. (check local listings). There are scores of open houses to visit and explore. And there almost always is something going on down on the Plaza or in the convention center on Marcy. The parades and festivities are constantly expanding.

If you happen to pick up a newspaper, don’t be alarmed about the current headlines that say our Secretary of State MIGHT have helped herself to some funds that were not technically hers to spend. We may never know where she spent the money but how telling that a great deal of the money withdrawals occurred at casino ATMs. Ten thousand here, thirty thousand there. It’s all in the game.

Our local Boss, the Mayor, started out very popular (his father was Mayor years ago), but has fallen on hard times in the court of public opinion over some mixed messages and seemingly senseless decisions about proposed growth and new development. That subject gets anyone into trouble. Just ask Trump. But our Mayor is likely to bounce back. He seems a resilient fellow.

The aspen trees are about to put on a big show. If you can only take one short hike into the mountains nearby, choose Aspen Vista off the “Ski Basin” road and revel in the color and cool fresh air. And please have a leash in your hand that your wonderful and perfectly behaved dog is attached to. You know we don’t want to hear about your last job, your in-laws, your rotten luck at golf, and we certainly don’t want to have your dog jump up on us and try to lick our little faces. Just because they can.

Let’s look forward to a crisp and aromatic fall season here. Roasting chiles leads to pinon wood burning in kivas which leads to that first snow and the holiday season with enough joy for anyone’s chosen beliefs.

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