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One of the issues that affects any study of the inventory of available homes for sale is the apparent lack of new construction in our market.  Many would say there are very few new homes being built these days. And they would probably be correct. But there are projects that include newly built homes. Keep an eye on this blog/site for information about that subject.

If you are involved in an aspect of new home construction that includes placing the home on the market for sale (a “spec” home begin built without an identified or certain buyer) please feel free to contact me to share what you know. Or to tell me about your development. I plan a new post on the subject of new homes in the Santa Fe market area very soon and would be happy to include your product or your customer’s product, whether affordable or at any price range.

Somewhat related is the interesting fact that only a small percentage of existing homes listed for sale provide the name of the builder. I don’t know why that is, but it does seem like valuable information that a prospective buyer may want to know. Of course someone can always ask, but to omit the information from the marketing text seems odd to me. Now its common knowledge that many builders have gone out of business in the last 5 to 7 years. Possibly the listing agent doesn’t want to name a builder in their advertising text that is no longer around. But many of those builders who are “out of business” built quality products and had excellent reputations before shutting down their operations. Why not mention their names?

I almost always ask the listing agent if they know, when there is no mention of a builder name. But funny how even some homes that are only 10 or 12 years old are missing that information in the write-up. When I do see a builder name mentioned, its often a recognizable name either recent or from a distant past. Don’t be surprised to see the mention of a home being a “Stamm” home as an example of distant history still relevant today.

Another possible explanation is that many homes were “owner-built” meaning the original owner did most all of the work (with our without licensed contractors supervising the process). In those cases it would make sense that the builder name is not included in the marketing information because that builder might have only built one home.

Those contractors, active all over our market area whether in Aldea, Tierra Contenta or even Las Campanas, deserve mention if the information is available.

Don’t forget to email me or comment on this blog to share what you know about new home construction currently going on in Santa Fe.


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