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Blogging has some similarities to other kinds of writing and it has its own unique attributes. One of the most amazing things about the blogosphere and the internet in general is how much trash talking and flaming takes place. Count me as fortunate to not get much of that on this blog.

Now and again I will read an online article and think I would like to comment or post some thoughts about what I just read. Then as I scroll down to enter my comments, I see a bunch of x rated mean crude and immature comments posted by some anonymous people. Not every time, of course, but this happens enough that I lose all interest in leaving a comment because I don’t want to be associated with these children in adults clothing. Thankfully this blog has not been flooded with comments that I would be embarrassed to read or share. I do get my fair share of spam comments with trackback language and whatever its called now (phishing?) where they try to get me to click on something.

An interesting question was asked of one of the many experts regarding the hacking and spamming and general corruption of the world-wide web: the question was… should we just junk the current internet and start all over again with something that is encrypted and can be free of the nefarious purposes and attempts that the “bad folks” use to try to steal money or trick you into buying something that doesn’t exist?

Sorry, my wording of that question might have been a bit long and rambling. First, thanks for not blasting me with crazy and rude comments. I suspect my blog readers are mature professionals and have no time or desire to put themselves out there as crazies. Second, you are welcome to comment if you like. I have limited the comment capability on this blog because I was getting many many spam comments recently and it seemed that limiting the comments was the best way to reduce the spam.

So what’s the news today? Interest rates are still fantastically low. Inventory of homes for sale in Santa Fe NM is plentiful (although some would say the quality is lacking). Other feeder markets are doing quite well (the left coast and the energy states such as Texas have pretty healthy economic stats) and those people are in a good position to buy Santa Fe real estate. So why is our market lagging the region and national trends? Why are we still in kind of a flat market with no appreciation to speak of?

If you have some ideas on this question, I welcome your comments. Back to the news, Zillow has acquired Trulia, so the parasites are getting stronger by joining together. Yes, come to the defense of those aggregator sites if you must, but please acknowledge they are wholly dependent on actual homeowners listing property with licensed salespeople. Some home shoppers prefer to look at Zillow and some prefer Trulia. And there are several others that are popular. All that information comes from the contractual relationship between sellers and salespeople (and their brokers). I recommend going to the source of the information for a true and complete picture.

After all, a Zestimate of a home’s value is not much use in the state of New Mexico where non-disclosure of residential sales prices is still the law of the state. Sure you can find out what a home sold for, but the amount is not required to be disclosed by either seller or buyer other than to a County assessor official. I don’t mind explaining that to someone from another state when they ask me about Zestimates here, but I do wish that Zillow would put in disclaimer language or just leave out the feature for states where the actual price is mostly unknown. Bad information is maybe worse than no information. Ya think?

When you get right down to it, the real estate market in Santa Fe is quite healthy. I am personally glad we are not seeing a fast run-up of prices because that’s where the problems arise. That point is the subject of another blog post someday. In the meantime, enjoy your day and stay in touch.  Alan

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