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If only I had stayed in school for another couple dozen years. Then I might be able to convey what it is I want to say. I usually assume it is my lack of communication skills when someone I am talking with does not understand. I almost never assume it is their lack of listening skills or their blessedly short attention span. But sometimes and you know this as well as I, you have to say something several times over to get your point across. Like Trump on the soapbox, he has to keep saying how rich he is so we get it. So we say OK, if you are that rich and you are not running for POTUS to “become” richer than you already are, like that’s ever happened, then you must be beyond corruption and self-serving actions. Someone who is quite rich is above suspicion as to corruption and dishonest behavior? Why? Because you assume he is rich enough? Wouldn’t that rich person just keep trying to add to the total and accumulate more wealth? That is a more accurate pattern in my observation. Very very few people stop accumulating wealth and start giving it away when they are still young and alive enough to make a difference in the world. And yes, there are some great problems out there that call for great solutions.

Is the Melinda and Bill Gates effort worthy of praise? I don’t think they even desire praise, but is what they are doing a good thing? I guess many would say yes. Now the Clinton Foundation may not bring quite the same high-ranking because it has been rumored that a great deal of the money that flows in does not flow out to truly worth causes. Many people and bank accounts might have been helped by the millions turned over to that foundation. But how many were fed and how many were clothed? And how many got shelter and clean water and education they could benefit from?

I can’t stop myself from including references to some of the political giants presently dominating our airwaves. I have no self control, and bad grammar too! But like someone said, “When Justin Bieber comes up with a cure for cancer, I will gladly read about him.” (paraphrased for expediency) (credit due where due) (I cannot listen to his music either)

What is the latest in Santa Fe residential real estate? The market continues to climb back to level – read ‘a balanced market’ – from the dark and painful days of the last eight years. Our 2015 year-to-date unit sales are above 10% over the prior year same period. That is fantastic and yet many are complaining and saying the market is flat and not doing anything special. You know? Everyone that has an opinion is correct. I can make it look marvelous or terrible based on which spreadsheet I choose to study and expound upon. I can and I will improve my grammar any day now.

Lower priced homes sell quickly while higher priced homes do not. That actually has not changed much for as long as I have seen figures on the sales of homes. Everything slowed down back in 2007 and 2008 and stayed slow for years. Only recently have we seen steady and consistent growth in unit sales and the requisite shrinking in inventory. ┬áBut no matter what you or I say, it is what it is. I cannot believe the huge demand out there for someone to predict where we are going. As if anyone could do so with any accuracy, people ask how the market is doing. It’s doing fine thank you. Kind of like that mindless question an acquaintance will ask you, “How are you?” The answer is usually mindless also, “I am fine, thanks. And you?” We have all been tempted to tell them the truth. Tell that person you lay sleepless (or is it lie sleepless?) at night worrying about your financial health and meanwhile damaging your physical health (they ARE connected) by not sleeping. Tell them you fear failure and you fear losing all your teeth and you fear that your only surviving grandparent will not live to see you get married. Your loss, not theirs.

So how IS the market, Alan? It’s really pretty good overall. The usual pockets of hot and cold, sweet and sour and the usual feeling people have when their neighbor successfully sells. You too could be part of the success story that is Santa Fe real estate. It just has to be measured in the fact of a closed sale and not the artificial yardstick of how much more you sold for above what you paid. NOW you tell me it was supposed to be a great investment with strong returns? When you moved in you loved the home and the area. You took out equity to get that Class A motor home and did about seven cruises as I recall. All on the back of your home equity. And now it won’t sell for enough to payoff the mortgages? Trust me, I know personally how that feels. Except that I have a pop-up, not a Class A, and the HELOC money went into new roof and stucco jobs, plus some smaller things the home needed at the time.

We are well on our way to the best year since 2006, or was it 2005 or 2007? You might get the picture if you take a peek at the statistical data provided on this blog. It is what it is and I kind of think we are stuck with it, even though we might have envy for Denver and wish homes sold in one day like in parts of Dallas. But does either city have what we have? A resounding NO!

Enjoy the summer, the Indian Market mass invasion (already started) and I’ll greet you with more updates soon. Thanks for the follow and support.

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