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Take a look at the statistical data for the Santa Fe real estate market compiled by our three expert Santa Fe Real Estate Consultants

A time of transition

Hits: 51Over the next month or so this blogsite will undergo some changes in authorship and management. Eventually the style and design will likely change also, but that will be up to the new administrators. A little review; many years ago I started a monthly newsletter with information about Santa Fe residential real estate. It […]

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Pushing uphill

Hits: 17We cannot just roll along but must push uphill in order to get into a home or to help a purchaser buy. The lack of inventory is scary and sales would see even higher numbers if more product were available to buy. New highs were set again last month: most sales above $1 million […]

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Same song, different verse

Hits: 15Take a quick look at the most recently updated statistics on this blog site and tell me, honestly, if you think sales units would be down if there was a selection of homes for buyers looking under $500,000. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It is not pleasant to report that sales are down, but they […]

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How can it be so thin?

Hits: 19Just how can the capital city of New Mexico, with somewhere above 75,000 residents plus a bunch of part timers, be so short of inventory in homes available for sale? What do buyers do when they want to buy a home in Santa Fe? First, they watch to learn how the market is behaving. […]

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2018 in review = part one

Hits: 24Actually in the rear view mirror, we’ll now look at 2018 for statistics relevant to Santa Fe residential real estate. I’ll point out a few things available for you to see on the spreadsheets and charts I have posted (see left margin for access to same). An annual posting known as Fourth Quarter Sales […]

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Steady as you go

Hits: 15I am pleased to share updated statistics about the Santa Fe residential real estate market in this autumn season of 2018. You will find several spreadsheets and reports available for viewing (and printing) on the left side of each of the blog pages you wish to view. Please note the consistency of finding out […]

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