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Take a look at the statistical data for the Santa Fe real estate market compiled by our three expert Santa Fe Real Estate Consultants

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Hits: 18Third quarter sales figures are in for the Santa Fe residential real estate market, and pardon us if they look almost exactly like the 2015 figures, because they are much the same. We are on the mesa top where it not only looks flat, it is flat. Compare one month, one quarter or an […]

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It’s a horse race, someone said

Hits: 12The race is on and the unpopular candidates have less than 60 days remaining to garner the required votes to move into the White House in January. Where will you be in January? Possibly enjoying a ski run or watching NFL playoff games cheering on the Clevelands? Or maybe escaping the winter cold and […]

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You don’t say

Hits: 10What is the background for putting a positive spin on things, even when the facts don’t indicate “things” are all that positive? Is it “the glass is half full” versus “the glass is half empty”? Possibly some folks keep beating the drum that everything is going up and growing and improving knowing they will […]

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A testimony to the numbers

Hits: 55Who goes there? Is that another home listed and sold in our MLS system I see reported today? In the last 24 hours, 16 homes have been reported as Sold in our database. 15 of them had some sort of price reduction during the listing term, or sold below asking price. Only one sold […]

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Looking for the better half

Hits: 11Half a year does not a full year make, someone said. In the example of Santa Fe area residential real estate, the first half of a year is usually slightly below what the second half comes in at, because of more active summer and fall months. Let us plan on a stronger second half […]

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We should be so lucky

Hits: 23The best references to luck seem to always include references to hard work, and being in the right place at the right time. If I get lucky in my real estate career, it is likely because I prepared and put in the hours of work plus got my ass off the couch. Yes, I […]

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How do you recognize Cinco de Mayo?

Hits: 11Given the standard evolution of “holidays” into excuses to take off work or celebrate with adult beverages, this one gives people one more reason to smile and raise a toast. The actual day and event that started it is from deep into Old Mexico’s history as the entry from Wikipedia shows: ¬† …not to […]

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Orange hair and First Quarter results

Hits: 13We all get a kick out of other people on occasion; their words, their appearance, their car driving blunders, etc. But rarely do we get to focus on their character and true being, as that is not often available for us to see. We can chuckle and we can criticize knowing that we do […]

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It’s complicated…

Hits: 11No, the real estate market is not complicated. It can run hot or it can run cold, sales can climb and/or sales can drop. It can be stagnant and it can be limping along with barely any change month to month. ¬†What is complicated is trying to fit the quality of a home into […]

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