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Take a look at the statistical data for the Santa Fe real estate market compiled by our three expert Santa Fe Real Estate Consultants

These numbers are great!

Hits: 11Several milestones were reached recently that inform us once again that our slow but steady climb out of the worst of the recession is over. The one I want to mention first, available in the Monthly Residential Sales chart from the list of reports on the left side of this blog, is the single […]

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A moment of balance

Hits: 20Librans like to focus on balance and harmony. There is a time when balance in the real estate market can be found and its right about now. This is the time we change over from cool to warm when taking the temperature of our market. We’ve had enough of tepid. What happened in June […]

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Auld Lang Syne (in June?)

Hits: 20A song of goodbye and farewell, of happy trails, sayonara, adios, ciao… a song marking the end of a time and the grand hopes of the beginning of another time… Thank you Robert Burns. We have arrived at the end, the bitter end, of the deep and dark recession that has buried Santa Fe […]

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What’s going on?

Hits: 17A classic title to the Marvin Gaye song, stolen for a title to a post about Santa Fe residential inventory; what a crock! If you aren’t too upset, please read on. The focus of the Absorption Rates posted in this blog have to do with length of time on the market a home might […]

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At the first quarter pole

Hits: 22Three months in the books and we can say the year looks promising, although best ever or wonderful do not need to be said. No predictions here, yet March this year was a busy month with more sales recorded (from the Santa Fe Association of Realtors database known as MLS) than all but 4 […]

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The foreclosure lessons

Hits: 22A couple of days ago, a daily Santa Fe New Mexican issue included legal notices of three foreclosure actions in progress. It’s public notice to publish the foreclosure action by a note holder against a borrower. Mostly the note holder will end up with ownership and possession of the property after a costly and […]

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In with the new seasonal mix

Hits: 18Ahhhhhhh, Spring!   When pollen fills the air and hope fills the real estate marketing pages, you know it is springtime. What should we expect? Inventory will rise dramatically from now until at least June. While we continue to sell and close, new listings will show up in greater numbers, so the overall picture […]

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It’s official, price is everything

Hits: 11Just when you thought it was safe to believe home buyers now focus on the quality of improvements in a home, bingo! They still care about price first. Second most important issue is: also the price. And then it might expand into location or views or bedroom size or acreage. But first and foremost, […]

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