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Take a look at the statistical data for the Santa Fe real estate market compiled by our three expert Santa Fe Real Estate Consultants

Fast food, fast real estate?

Hits: 15What fast food meal could you name that is actually healthy and satisfying? I am not saying what meal fills you up, because lots of calories and carbs will do that, but in terms we understand meaning healthy? Is it low sodium, high in protein, low in carbs, high in naturally occurring vitamins and […]

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Some observations

Hits: 15In studying the numbers for the recently completed 2014 year in Santa Fe residential real estate, some market trends become evident. The Fourth Quarter sales report, when comparing 2013 and 2014, shows an almost identical result except for a shift out of the $300K to $500K category into the $500K to $1 million category. Units were down […]

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2014 in review

Hits: 12Greetings and best wishes. I hope your holidays were joyful and rewarding. How are those new year resolutions coming? Most of the statistical reports I post here monthly have been now updated to include the full year of 2014. Probably the key figure is illustrative of what kind of year it was in Santa Fe residential […]

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Grateful and respectful

Hits: 11We may be thankful for many things; positive bank balances, excellent health, warmth and security at home, real friends that actually listen… and unconditional love from family. You have your own list that goes beyond this one, I am certain.

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