September 2010

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Come one, come all…to the biggest sale ever under the big tent – this month only!!! Bring your photo ID and your checkbook because tonight we are going to move hundreds of homes out of inventory and into the hands of happy homeowners. Sure there is some fine print but who cares? You will be a homeowner by the last day of the month; just stick with me and sign where I tell you to sign. No need to read those forms because they only matter if you stop making payments, and you aren’t going to stop making payments on your new home, are you? Hurry now and don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of the American dream. This may be your last chance to take advantage of these low prices and interest rates…

Have you noticed the strident tone to the current Realtor sales pitch? And that mortgage broker sitting behind the Realtor has it going too…RATES may never be this low again so ACT NOW. Are these used car salesmen that escaped from the lots up and down Cerrillos Road?  No I am not being sarcastic. Since when did a professional real estate salesperson get away with blanket and false statements like “Now is the time to buy”. That statement is in total disregard for the person they are talking to. Oh, you say their message is being broadcast to a group and not directed to an individual? Well may that is worse as more people will get the impression that if they don’t like the car they are looking at, the sales person can get one in red.

How is the current Realtor marketing pitch of Buy Now or live to regret it… any different than the old bearded guy wearing a sandwich board sign walking up and down the street with the message on the board reading “ The End is Near!” According to whom? Yes, I am certain it is near for some, and a long ways away for others. So with homes; now might be the time to buy for some and for others it might be the year 2014 or something. So keep on shouting that the end is near and good luck with that approach. But wait! We are dealing with people that can only see black and white so you know what their response is going to be…”Well then I am in the wrong profession if now is not the best time ever to buy a home”. Okay! See you around. Good luck with that new car wash you are going to open down the road…  People need car washes, too.

Five reasons why homeownership trumps renting… now there is a headline I can ignore. OK, I am sure there are more than 5, and then will you listen to the other side? …the 5 or more reasons why renting is better for some people than homeownership? Anyone can focus on their own agenda; in fact, that is almost always what they do, without regard for another point of view or opinion. Alternative methods of getting the job done are not considered by the person that has always done it a certain way. Would you expect a real estate sales professional to tell you about the advantages of renting your next home? Of course not! I am not here to tell you one is better than the other. I am saying each person has their own agenda, priorities and needs. For some, homeownership is the answer. For others, renting for five years might be the best thing. The ‘all black’ or ‘all white’ or ‘black & white’ of so many arguments and discussions is anathema to success and happiness. If your definition of your goal does not fit my goal, does that mean I am wrong? According to you, I guess so. I guess we have to do it your way or not at all. Why is it so many have so much difficulty seeing the gray. Doesn’t the gray actually represent the vast majority between the two extremes? Well, if you put it that way, maybe it does. Yes I am putting it that way because you black and white approach is only viable on the two extremes. Love or hate, up or down, good or evil… the world does not stick to the two poles. The world exists between those two extremely different points.

That’s one of my pet peeves too. Picture a person with the every day dilemma of tough ethical and more decisions; how to live right, how to be fair, how to have a clear conscience… how to treat others as they wish to be treated by others… Time and again you can see a person choose a belief system of career or religion or neighborhood where all those difficult decisions are made in advance. Well, over here we are OK with “fill in the blank” types but we can’t see why those other “fill in another blank” types get to collect food stamps and then spend them on booze and smokes. It is so easy to make one big decision and fall into the arms of that groups welcoming committee and never really have to make another difficult decision on any moral or ethical question. I submit you save your big decision and go ahead and make all those small day to day decisions, as difficult as they may be, and not worry if they fit into a pure black or pure white philosophy…a pure Realtor or pure renting for now philosophy. Go ahead and take each person’s needs and situation into account when you talk with them about houses they may want to buy. Its not going to be the house you think they should buy anyway…

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The writer is a 68 year-old young man engaged as an active REALTOR (associate broker) with Keller Williams, in real estate sales and management in the Santa Fe NM market area. My career has been in and around the real estate industry for more than 35 years, ranging from mortgage lending (interim, commercial, residential); residential property management and leasing; shopping center development and leasing; real estate sales; sales training; title insurance as an executive and an escrow officer; various management positions; consulting and other related activities. That plus a bunch of banking experience including our family-owned Bank of Santa Fe in the 1980s. Where has the time gone?
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