And down the stretch they come

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Wrapping up November is bittersweet as the year is now almost expired and our memories and scars are still fresh enough to wonder how it went so quickly. The year began with realistic hopes of flying high into the record books as the year when we finally shrugged off all the baggage from the real estate (and economic) crisis of the last 8-9 years. This year could have been a contender, as the saying goes. But not this year. The election season, now over a year in length, took so much energy to digest that home sales took a back seat. Uncertainty and confusion reigned and decisive major financial moves were delayed and put off.

The year totals (you know I am going to say something about statistics, right?) will end up very similar to 2015 which is OK and yes its just fine. No growth or increase happened, but we did not slide back into the mud and muck of the recessionary decade we are now putting to bed.

Now that it is over, that popularity contest, I must say I have been tempted to begin a new blog on my citizen role in this new world of stomping on others to get ahead. The boots that are kicking and the words that are unmistakably hateful have brought a new focus to who we all are and who we want to be. You may not know it yet but sooner or later, most all of us will change our attitudes about immigrants and those groups that practice beliefs other than the majority of Americans. Hate me and yell at me and try to kick me for saying, but I will not agree to a blind distrust of everything and everyone that is not white and Christian. The hypocrisy and absolute lies many people are getting famous for these days will not last. The thin veil of a recent election result does not change the basic need to spread love and to care for those unable to care for themselves. I do not care how you voted on the 8th of November. I do care how you choose to live and whom you live near and how you treat others, whether you have much or have little. Are not the results of studies confirming that the less well off give a much higher percentage of their income to worth causes than those with plenty and a wealth of personal property and cash? Buy local, give some away and take some humility pills along with your testosterone supplements. And find a way to help those in great need and in great pain.

What will 2017 look like? I will see you on the other side of midnight and we can plan our years together with some widespread positive results and personal actualization in mind.

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