2013-A new start along the road to recovery

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As of now, all of the Charts and Stats available on the right side of the home page have been updated, including results through the end of 2012. And the news is worth bragging about! Annual sales in comparison to inventory shows continued improvement throughout our market. Santa Fe residential real estate is mostly healthy again and the market is coming into balance in almost all price ranges and neighborhoods.

Select segments even show a shortage of homes for sale, if one allows the common measurement of 6 month of inventory to qualify as a balanced market. Balance is important because sellers and buyers are not having to adjust their thinking and their actions based on too much inventory or too few sales. Transactions in a balanced market status tend to be fair to both sides.

Of numerous newsletters and websites that feature news and predictions, most will tell you home prices are rising and that the worst is over. We know that here on the battlefront because of the increasing prevalence of competing buyers and offers for the best listings. Not every home fits that description and there are still average or below homes out there that are not going to sell quickly. One must compare apples to apples and equal quality to equal quality. A home in one area should not be compared to a home in a completely different area.

Thank you for your support and positive feedback over the years. Some might have assumed this blog would fade away once the real estate crisis ran its course. My fact-based postings will continue and you may rest assured this information will be available at the click of a mouse…

Should you own a property you want to sell, or if you are about to start shopping for something you cannot live without, contact me anytime at alanball2@gmail.com or by phone at 505-470-7153.  My patience, honesty and wide-ranging knowledge will serve you well. Call today!

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