Just try to top this, 2015!

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Literally speaking, this past year of 2015 was the best best 2015 ever!! In all my days I have never seen such a 2015 and its unlikely it will ever be matched. It was a unique year in so many ways. It is the only 2015 we will see in our lifetimes. It was 15 years after the Y2K scary movie and also a year that saw escalation of weird weather and unusual human behavior. 2015 was not a leap year but it should have been. That extra 24 hours might have helped calm the choppy waters and soothe the fear and anger so widespread in our known civilizations.

Real estate is built on trust and shelter. Those two words do not really match up with the alarmist rantings of so many would-be prophets today. I admire anyone that was able to look past the warnings of doom and destruction and go ahead and buy a home to live in. Sometimes when I read the paper or see the network evening news, I wonder if our planet will implode soon or just wither up and blow away as dust. Rising sea levels don’t normally make one think of drought, but remember that all real estate is local. I can sell you a home in the high desert with forever views and complete privacy from the thundering hordes. But a drone might still hover over your backyard picnic. If you want an ocean view, I suggest getting as far above official sea level as is practical. Then look through the haze and see if you can see the big blue ocean waters.

We worked hard to achieve a nice round number of 2000 homes sold in the calendar year of 2015, but we just fell a bit short. As of this post, we will come in around 1967 homes for that year that was the best 2015 ever. And that’s mighty good if you ask me. Consider the eight prior years by unit totals:

1811, 1350, 1201, 1289, 1336, 1651, 1757, 1824   (an average of 1527 a year)  a count of 1967 looks the best of the bunch!

Average sales price took a small step back showing the effect of the strong sales in the lower price ranges. The 4th Quarter report shows similar strength in the lower price ranges, while we were basically flat from 2014 to 2015 same 4th Quarter. A year over year increase of more than 7.7 percent of unit sales also reveals the total homes sold dollar volume exceeding $830,000,000 for the first time since 2006. Still on our way back to the lofty heights of $1.2 billion volume we did in 2004, but we are on our way.

Thanks for your support and compliments over the years.

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