Wine and chile – or – Beer and table salt

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What is your pleasure? Personally, I love the New Mexico chile products and the fresh roasted bushels of green are fantastic! I’ll rush home with a full bag eat them until I burst, usually on a tortilla on the stove top with some grated cheese. Then the rest gets put up in the freezer for future dreamy food. And the wine, love that too, but it’s rarely New Mexico wine, which is too bad…  I believe we have made a lot of progress with our local or regional wines, but everyone else had such a head start, it is taking us some time to get great consistent product out to the wine lovers. I think you could find a full range of quality coming out of our state right now, but the overall grade or ranking is going to come out, on average, just about average. Maybe that will continue to improve into the future.

So what’s with the headline – Wine or Beer? Chile or Table Salt? What kind of choice is that? You know, sometimes you feel like a cold refreshing beer in a frosty mug, and something salty like peanuts or pretzels along with…  And other times you feel like sipping something glorious and special and a great wine can make or break your day, or make or break your first date with someone you have had an eye out for. So there is nothing wrong with either choice; both might be the right thing at the right time. But the important thing is to partake in moderation; live past today to sample another brew or another grape in the future. Nothing to excess and everything in perspective.

You say “what about tequila?”  Now that is a good question. Some friends and I opened a bottle of Silver Coin (750) last Friday evening and I was quite happy with its smoothness and consistent taste. Silver Coin is owned by a group out of Santa Fe, NM and that’s about all I know of the background. But after sitting on my shelf at home for 3-4 months, it apparently was time to pop the cork and sample it. So, granted, there is a time for tequila also. And now you may think that your favorite single malt should not be left out, or maybe you like a gin and tonic now and again? But I digress…

A decision is a very difficult thing for a person born into the Libra sun sign like yours truly. I recently made a decision, a fairly large one, and found it much more difficult than it seemed at first. It took me about 10 days longer to come to my decision than I originally thought it would take… but I finally got all the facts gathered that I could digest and understand, then stacked up the information into the usual T account (you know, one side is positive and the other is negative) and tallied up the results.

It absolutely reinforced my lifelong training and belief that in order to make a decision, first you have to gather all the facts! I immediately felt better about it taking me so long because it seemed as if the process worked the way it was designed to work. What that tells me is that I will probably do it the same way again the next time I need to make a big decision.

So whats it gonna be? Wine or Beer? more later…

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