You talkin’ to me?

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Does anyone else get mildly perturbed by the short cuts taken by texters, bloggers, writers and posters? It isn’t so much the shorthand the younger set uses while texting – that is almost cute and its faster and uses fewer characters to say the same thing. R U Back? Y Not? and many more I barely know about.

My peeve, not really allowing it to become a pet peeve, is the shorthand and code used in real estate advertising. Since there is a huge spectrum of working knowledge of what real estate consists of, at what level should you aim your advertising text? I guess we are all fine with the 1 BR shorthand for saying one bedroom. And 1 BA seems to be easy enough to understand to mean one bathroom. Going a bit further, 3/2 is probably easily understood as three bedroom, two bath, while 3/2/2 seems to mean three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. So far, so good?

What do we do with something like this? –  Florida 2,176 SF HVAC on SR 200, $2,176 monthly or $472K . It seems to say that there are 2,176 square feet, with HVAC (good to know there is heating and air conditioning) on State Road 200, OK, somewhere along that State Road, somewhere in Florida, and apparently its available for $2,176 monthly (Hmmm, exactly a dollar a square foot a month – how about that!) or $472K, which apparently means it can be purchased for $472,000.

Florida 2,176 SF HVAC on SR 200, $2,176 monthly or $472K   this strikes me as a very short and sweet message to try to get someone to call. Does it communicate much information? Well, some, of course. Do you think $2,176 monthly is all one needs to know about costs? Might there be some CAM charges? Oh, sorry… common area maintenance. And is it Net, net net or triple net? What? Some say the less said the better. Say too much and nobody will call for more information.

I do have a real estate dictionary somewhere. But I don’t tend to keep it close by. Maybe I should start doing that or I might be SOL.

Oh, and don’t get me started on acronyms in heavy rotation for the Realtor keeping a website current and useful. Do you know how to optimize SEO? Do you prefer HTML? Is it OK with you if I link to your IDX? What is your best URL for traffic? Do you plan to upload some .JPGs? I heard that it is pronounced Jay Peg. Cute, huh? Are these framed? Do you have lots of fonts to work with? Can you Photoshop it? How do you choose your meta tags? How many pop ups did you put in? Did you remember to use the desired protocol? (http://  OR   https://). Do you use any radio buttons? Can I link to you? Is this an .XCL? I’ll just Google him. What does Pipl say about her? How is your microsite working for you? Did you get my V-card? Is it worth it to buy the Pro-Only version? Where did you find the CKEditor manual? I like your Gravatar. Do you Flickr? How do I convert from .PDF to .DOC? At the end of the day, do you scroll down before you go to sleep?

Hey, you. You talkin’ to me?

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